The Best ToothPaste

Fluoride was once considered important in toothpaste, but there are other, better alternatives now. Toothpaste shouldn’t contain triclosan, BHT, sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin or sorbitol either. That means most brands are out. Some products offered by Tom’s of Maine, owned by Colgate, or by Tea Tree Therapy, Dr Ken’s or other more responsible brands may be okay, but those formulas change often and some still contain undesirable ingredients.


The best toothpaste is made from coconut oil, a mild abrasive like baking soda and some essential oil to give it a great flavor that people like enough to use every day. The only acceptable sweetener is Xylitol, which can be added to taste. It’s the smart choice because it’s proven to actually kill bacteria, so it can substitute for fluoride in helping you maintain a clean, healthy mouth. Once the coconut oil is heated enough that it can be worked, assembly means simply combining the ingredients.


Using the best toothpaste possible is crucial to good health. Good oral hygiene has a strong link to heart health, proven by research. The bacteria that invade the mouth can invade the heart, causing serious issues.


Using a fluoride-free toothpaste that helps maintain good pH in the mouth and in the body is important for overall health too. The best toothpaste allows patients to have a neutral oral environment that contributes to good overall health in more ways than one.



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