Millennials and new ways of learning



It is always difficult to imagine how the next generation will live: what sort of food will they eat, how will they communicate across large distances, how will they dress? Although we can make some rather informed guesses about diet, music, and language, there are some areas that are completely unknown to us, and have come as complete surprises to us over time. For millennials, or those who have reached young adulthood around the turn of the millennium, it has been a constant surprise; their methods of learning, in particular, have even surprised the experts – and only a few of them are able to keep up.


One such expert is Dr Howard Katz, a world leading expert in dentistry who has spent the last forty years of his career working hard to ensure that any dentist who wishes to expand their skills into Botox and other dermal fillers has had the right training course. He calls it Dentox, and it has taken some of the key lessons that the millennials have taught us in order to ensure that anyone who takes it can really benefit from Dr Howard Katz’s teaching.

For example, the Dentox training course only takes place during one day: just twelve or so hours is enough to give dentists the skills and techniques that they require. The Dentox training program also includes live patients that delegates can practise their new skills on, enabling anyone who attends to have Dr Howard Katz’s expert eye over their shoulder as they start to use their new Botox and dermal filler skills for the first time. If this sounds like something that you could benefit from, grab a place at the New York Dentox training program and discover how millennial learning could really benefit you.  


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