Botox and dermal fillers: the key differences


If you are a dentist and you are considering going on Dr Howard Katz’ Dentox training course, then you may be wondering why there are two different sections for Botox and dermal fillers. Aren’t they the same? 


This is a common misconception amongst medical individuals who have not taken any training in this area before, and that some misconception is often found amongst prospective patients who are not entirely sure what it is that they want, procedure wise. That is why Dr Howard Katz has split the training in his course so that any dentist who wishes to be able to offer Botox and dermal fillers to their patients will be able to clearly explain the differences:

Botox – This chemical is injected into the body with needles in order to paralyze particular muscles in order to change the appearance of the skin above. Often this is done in the facial muscles and nerves to reduce wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet. Botox can also be used to relieve back pain, migraines, and over sweating.


Dermal fillers – These are slightly different, and they are literally chemicals that are placed underneath the skin in order to fill gaps where the skin is sagging or thin. There are many different kinds of dermal fillers, and they can be used around the face, inside the lips, and in other places to keep the look of plump and supple skin.


If this sounds like the sort of training that you would like to receive, so you can offer two more exciting treatment options to your patients when they come to you, then make sure that you sign up to the Los Angeles leg of the Dentox training program with Dr Howard Katz. It’s just one day, but it could be the day that changes your life – and your patient’s lives – forever.



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