Dental Spas Are Laying Your Anxieties To Rest

There is a lady relaxing in a luxurious recliner, listening to soothing music while breathing in the calming aroma of lavender. Where is she? I bet “her dentist’s office” wasn’t your first guess.  That is exactly where she is!


More and more dental offices are offering spa services along with their standard dental ones. While this may seem a little far-fetched at first, traditional spas are designed to make you look and feel better. Sometimes teeth whitening is one of the items on the spa menu, so why not a dentist offering other services to make their patients look and feel better?


Dental anxiety is very common and for years dentists have been trying to come up with ways to put their patients at ease when during appointments. Dentists have opted for more neutral and calming decors in an attempt to ease patient dental anxiety. Now they’re stepping up their game.


Many offices now offer aromatherapy and calming, soothing music for their patients’ enjoyment. Wifi services or movies may also be available to help the patient more easily pass the time as they wait. Comfy blankets and pillows along with juice bars and cappuccinos could also be offered amenities. Others may provide reflexology or hand massages and paraffin waxes. How many services and what types of services are offered would be something that will depend on the individual dentist offices. 

You may even find facials or full body massages on the services menu, because the lines are starting to blur between a traditional spa and medical clinics and offices. Dental spas are aimed at relaxing the patient and providing a pleasant experience.


While most of this is all done for the comfort of the patient, there are some medical benefits as well. Dentists feel that a relaxed patient is a safer patient. They are easier to work on and pose less risk of injury.  The American Dental Association actually advocates relaxation techniques for stressed patients or those with heart conditions.


When you are searching for a dental office that provides spa services one of the most important features you will need to assess is the staff. It does not matter how much aromatherapy or reflexology services an office offers, if you do not have a good relationship with the staff, the rest will not matter. At the heart of every office is the front desk and support staff. Their primary concern should be the patient, if it isn’t you will need to keep searching.

The dentists should make you feel welcomed and place your needs first. The human interactions are more valuable than all the perks and lattes in the world.



Do your research and find a San Diego dentist who offers the spa services you are looking for and the staff that meets your needs.

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